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  1. Short-term operation plan

  1. Target:

  • Build, manage and operate the organizational apparatus towards specialization and integrated coordination on the principles of the Institute's management. Gathering human resources, scientists, researchers in relevant fields; especially to carry out joint research, advisory and consultancy activities between experienced retired experts and the young talent, to solve national challenges in the new age.

  • Develop on the basis of coordinating resources of the Institute with individuals, units, universities, domestic and foreign research institutes and member organizations of The Vietnam Union of Science and Technology Associations with appropriate expertise to perform the Institute's duties.

  • Provide consulting services, education on economic and planning laws within the scope of registered activities.

     2. Specific activities:

  • Collaborate with reputable domestic and foreign partners to provide planning consultancy services.

  • Organize training courses about Law on Planning 2017 and related legal documents.

  • Organize and attend conferences, workshops, seminars on economics, investment and planning.

  • Expand the network of partner experts, scientists and researchers.

      3. Resources:

  • Physical, technical, human and financial facilities: During this period, the Institute operates primarily on the resources of its members, organizations and individuals in cooperation with the Institute and other resources as well as other legal capital sources as prescribed by law.

2. Mid and long-term strategies:

  1. Target:

  • In-depth development and multi-sectoral collaboration to implement integrated master plans.

  • Advise, propose and actively review legal mechanisms and policies on socio-economic development.

  • Become a trusted Research Institute of the Government, widely recognized domestically and internationally.

   2. Activities: 

  • Strengthen organizational structure: build the executive, managerial and operational apparatus of the Institute in accordance with the country's development trend and globalization.

  • Research and implement specific topics, schemes and projects on socio-economic development policies and planning, as well as research and propose the application of new economic and planning management tools suitable to the national development trends and globalization.

   3. Resources:

  • Infrastructure, technology, human resources and finance: Revenues from legal and domestic services and funding sources.

  • Collaborate with universities, scientists, researchers in many relevant fields in Vietnam and abroad.

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