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PDI undertakes joint research programs and provides advisory services, primarily in the fields of economic development, sustainability, investment, and planning.  Our team of advisors are drawn from local and international talent pools and comprise some of the most highly regarded experts in their fields.  Our objective is to address issues of national and international significance as the economy develops and the country plays an increasingly important role within ASEAN and the broader international community.


Key focus areas:


- To monitor regional and global economic development to consolidate a knowledge base to underpin future national and regional strategy;


- To evaluate national policies and laws to accommodate economic development, sustainable growth in line with international policies on best practice;


- To appraise national, regional and provincial master planning in order to advise on appropriate future policy formulation;


- To develop and engage with international networks to enhancing the country's progress on a mutually beneficial basis;


- To provide appropriate resources through management programs, conferencing and events;


- To provide a complete range of consultancy and advisory services.

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