Planning and Development Institute performs the following main functions and missions:

   1. Functions

Gathering human resources, scientists, researchers in relevant fields; especially to carry out joint research, advisory and consultancy activities between experienced retired experts and the young talent, in the fields of economics, investment and planning, in order to address and solve national development challenges in the age of globalization.

   2. Mission

  • Researching and updating the regional and global economic situation; international policies and good case practices in socio-economic development of nations;

  • Researching, analyzing and evaluating policies and laws related to socio-economic management and proposing suitable solutions to Vietnam;

  • Providing consulting services on formulation and appraisal of national master planning, regional master planning and provincial master planning.

  • Providing consulting services on project development and investment promotion to implement projects in the approved master plans.

  • Cooperating, associating with domestic and foreign organizations and individuals, consulting and actively reviewing economic management policies and mechanisms.

  • Researching application of economic and planning management tools on the basis of new technologies (big data, AI, satellite, digitalization ....)

  • Organizing conferences and workshops on economics and development policy; providing legal training services on economic management, planning and investment.