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Documentary Films about Shanghai Maglev Train (VTV5 - 03/11/2019)

The Shanghai Maglev Train, also known as Shanghai Transrapid, is currently the fastest in the world. With a record highest speed of 430km/h (267 miles/h), the train is a representation of mankind’s wisdom, ingenuity and technological advances. The video provides insights into the train’s history, as well as its underlying technical mechanisms.

Are Cities Or The Suburbs Better For The Economy? | CNBC Marathon

How Suburban Sprawl Weighs On The U.S. Economy

The Suburbs Are Bleeding America Dry | Climate Town (feat. Not Just Bikes)

Compulsory Acquisition of Land in Singapore Source: Singapore Academy of Law Journal

The Future of Cities:

Transit Oriented Development:

9 "ông lớn" bất động sản có vốn hóa trên 10.000 tỷ đồng kinh doanh ra sao?

(Dân trí) - Bức tranh tài chính hé lộ những điều thú vị về hoạt động kinh doanh trong quý III của 9 doanh nghiệp bất động sản lớn nhất sàn chứng khoán như Vinhomes, Novaland, Phát Đạt...

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Global Cities Fight For Data Centre Supremacy

Beijing, China, stands out as the world’s best location to set up a data centre, followed by outlier Addis Ababa, the capital city of Ethiopia, and London, UK, according to the latest fDi Benchmark study looking for the world’s most attractive locations for data centre operations.

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